Since year 1994 Comfort Heat has come a long way from what many remember as new starting business; growing into a professional, innovative and contemporary company. We have a great deal to offer our intelligent heating system solution for our current and future clients.

  1. Smart solutions

    Comfort Heat provides novelties and innovations: a smart mobile app Wi-Fi control and easily adaptable system that is easily controlled and integrated to other systems and no maintenance needed.

  2. Professional Service

    A high quality customer service with individual consultations provided by Comfort Heat solves your problems with the professionally selected solutions.

  3. Comfort

    Comfort Heat offers a full technical support and optimal solutions for a heating system choice that ease their work and build customer service quality.

  4. Reliable heating
    admin-ajax We provide high standard products with warranties, professional customer service and consultation with the best suitable technical problem solutions.
  5. Wide product range

    Comfort Heat offers a wide product range and custom orders that meets the client needs. The products are chosen and adapted to the individual client needs.