About Us

Comfort Heat is a production and development company of heating cables, mats and control systems which offers the long-lasting and easy to install electric heating systems for:

•  heating and comfortability of domestic and public buildings,
•  frost and ice protection of buildings, engineering and pipe systems,
•  frost protection and temperature maintenance of technological pipes,
•  ice protection of road and railway infrastructure.

The performance of Comfort Heat is focused on a continuous elaboration and innovations, interest in market demand and newest research works, cooperation with Kaunas University of Technology and leading European electronic manufacturers.

In 2011 Comfort Heat has been acknowledged as a company contributing to a better future of Lithuanian economy and having a high solvency ratio which is achieved only by 2% of companies operating in Lithuania.

In 2013 the company introduced the quality management system according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and started the implementation of knowledge management system. The company is increasing the productivity capacity and investments into innovative solutions seeking the best customers‘ satisfaction following the principles below:

•  reliability,
•  professionalism,

•  excelent design,
•  fast and qualifi ed service.

The clients of comfort Heat are electrical and heating wholesalers, construction material dealers, petroleum and food companies and railway infrastructure.
Comfort Heat exports its products to Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Belarus, Russia and Great Britain and is expanding the export markets.