About Us

Comfort Heat is a production and development company of heating cables, mats and control systems. We develop electrical heating systems business in Europe for over 24 years and provide affordable comfort, intelligent solutions for heating systems.

Being an innovative company, Comfort Heat is focused on market demand, latest technological research and innovation development. In cooperation with Kaunas University of Technology and leading European electronic manufacturers, Comfort Heat invests in R&D
– advanced engineering solutions.

We work hard to meet the growing need for energy efficiency, smart solutions and anticipate them. Comfort Heat is active in the field of renewable solar energy and works towards sustainable and efficient heating systems for residents and communities.

Comfort Heat manufactures products that are part of commercial building optimisation and residential smart home heating systems. Therefore, we design and develop long-lasting and easy to install electric heating applications for:

• The main and complementary floor heating for domestic and public buildings,
• Ice and snow melting, pipeline frost protection for building and road engineering,
• Frost protection and technological temperature maintenance for oil and gas industry pipelines,
• Black ice prevention for road and railway infrastructure.

Comfort Heat has been serving the needs of the electric heating industry in Europe for more than 24 years. We aim to be a reliable and trustworthy business partner for our clients with intelligent solutions that are clearly following the basic principles:
• Reliability,
• Expertise,
• Excellent design,
• Fast and qualified service.

We are proud to be Lithuanian Production Company constantly investing in innovation and smart technologies. Since 2011 yearly Comfort Heat has been acknowledged by Business News for contribution to a better future of Lithuanian economy, as well as for its high solvency ratio.

In 2013 the company introduced the quality management system according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards in order to manage performance and identify potential environmental improvements. Today Comfort Heat is taking the lead in implementing knowledge management and LEAN systems.

We supply Comfort Heat products and intelligent heating solutions to our clients from the various industries such as electric heating systems wholesalers, construction material dealers, oil and gas industry, food companies, railway and road infrastructure. Comfort Heat exports its products to more than 17 countries such as Baltic and Scandinavian counties, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, United Kingdom and it continues to expand its export markets.