DTR-E 3102 | thermostat for snow melting system control

DTR-E is used for snow melting and frost protection system control in residential house stairs, entrances and driveways.

DTR-E 3102 is a bimetallic thermostat with upper and lower temperature range. It is used for snow melting and frost protection systems control.
DTR-E 3102 thermostat is designed for frost protection system management of icicle formation on small roofs, gutters and downpipes. The systems are applied in residential houses on stairs, at entrances and on driveways.


Voltage 230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Max load  16 A / 3600 W
Hysteresis  +/–0,3 °C
Sensor type  Bimetall
Temperature range  –20/+25 °C
Ambient temperature  –25/+55 °C
Dimensions 122×120×55 mm
Protection class  IP65
Warranty  2 years


Type  Temperature range  Order No. 
DTR-E 3102  –20 °C … +25 °C  19113688

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