ETO2-4550 | microprocessor based thermostat for snow melting system control

ETO 2-4550 thermostat is used for: frost protection control of roof gutters and downpipes; frost protection control of steps, entrances, driveways, parking lots, ramps, sideways and bridges.

ETO2-4550 is a programmed microprocessor controller for ice and snow melting systems. It controls two independent zones according to the data from two separate sensors (one roof sensor ETOR-55, ETF-744/99 and one ground sensor ETOG-55) or two similar sensors (2 roof sensors ETOR-55, ETF-744/99 or 2 ground sensors ETOG-55). Optimal operation is ensured, thanks to output control which makes the system effective and economical. The thermostat is DIN rail – mounted in panel or wall – mounted with a cover box.

Additional functions: control of electric or water-based ice and snow melting systems, efficient control – minimising energy consumptions, alarm relay with external signal, time extension of residual heating and language options.
Remote control: ETO2 thermostat can be controlled from a distance via external signal: system: switch ON/ OFF, or heating period extension switch ON option.
Used for: frost protection on roof gutters and downpipes; frost protection of steps, entrances, driveways, parking lots, ramps, sideways and bridges.


Voltage 115/230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Max load  3×16 A / 11 kW
Signal relay  Max. 5 A
Control valve signal  0–10 V DC
Supply voltage (valve)  24 V AC / 100 mA
Temperature range –20 °C … +10 °C
Sensor type (selected*)  Ground or roof / temperatures
Ambient temperature  0 °C … +50 °C
Extension of heating time  0–6 hours
Ambient humidity  10–95 %
Dimensions 90×156×45 mm
Protection class  IP20
Warranty  2 years


Type  Temperature range  Order No. 
ETO 2-4550  –20 °C … +10 °C  19117900
Sensor ETOG -55*  –50 °C … +70 °C  19122035
Sensor ETOR -55*  –50 °C … +70 °C  19122045
Sensor ETF 744/99*  –50 °C … +70 °C  19116054

*the sensor is included;
**the sensor is supplied additionally


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