C511T | programmed clock thermostat

C511T is suitable for floor heating control and can be mounted on the wall into standard recessed box. The LCD screen displays the set temperature and the symbols of the programme.

Modern, electronic clock thermostat C511T with fine LCD display designed for floor heating control. It comes with a floor temperature sensor, which undertakes an integral temperature adjustment control, a pre-set saving function, and includes energy consumption management system. Preprogrammed factory settings, are adjusted to Lithuanian climate, and weekly mode. Factory settings and data are retrieved beyond power failure. The thermostat has an adaptive function for work with other producer’s sensors.
C511T is wall – mounted into a standard recessed box.


Voltage 230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Max load  16 A / 3600 W
On / off switch Bipolar
Temperature range +5 °C … +45 °C
Hysteresis  +/–0,4 °C
Saved time  100 hours
Saved programming (ECU)  Unlimited time
Pre-programmed in factory I-V, VI-VII mode
Sensor type Floor (NTC)
Sensor resistance  14,8 kOhm / 20 °C
Energy consumption indicator (floor heating time %)  2 days, 30 days, 365 days
Dimensions 80×80×40 mm
Protection class  IP21
Warranty  3 years


Type  Temperature range  Sensor Order No.  Model
C511T +5 °C … +40 °C  floor, 3 m  19115966 Elko


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