CAHF-25/50/100 | mirror heating foil

CAHF-22/50/100 mirror heating foil is used against mirror steaming. It is ideal against mirror steaming in small and large bathrooms of houses, apartments and hotels.

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Mirror heating foil CAHF-25/50/100 is used to prevent mirror steam. Whether it is a small or large bathroom, it is ideal solution to mirror steam in houses, apartments and hotels.

Installation: It is quick and easily installed, applied on by simply sticking the adhesive foil on the back of a mirror. These products are low – cost and easily installed; designed for new and renewable bathrooms. The heating can be switched on/ off using a switch of a bathroom or mirror light.


 Voltage  230 V 
 Output  25W/ 50W/ 100 W
 Thickness of mat  1 mm
 Max temperature  +90 oC
 Connection cable  1m
 Protection class  IP44
 Warranty  2 years


Type  Output (W) Dimensions (mm) Order No.
CAHF-25 25 274×574 96651860
CAHF-50 50 524×519 96651870
CAHF-100 100 524×1004 96651880
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