CFSAV-300 | outdoor heating mat

CFSAV-300 is suitable for ice protection of stairs, pavements, driveways, entrances to car parking, car parkings, bridges, landing ramps, etc.) or unfreezing of frozen ground in winter (construction sites).

CFSAV-300 single conductor heating mat of 300 W/m2 output, made with double insulation (M2), an aluminium foil and tinned copper screen (with memory), conductor fluorpolymer insulation and polypropylene overjacket. The cable is UV resistant. It is designed for stairs, pavements, driveways, entrances to car parks, bridges, landing of ramps, etc.), ice prevention, or unfreezing soil in winter (construction sites).

Installation: CFSAV-300 can be laid into concrete or stone dust layer, directly under tiles, with purpose of frost protection of entrances, driveways, car parks, ramps, pavements and bridges. It can be laid directly on frozen soil covering it with rockwool mats afterwards.


 Voltage  400 V
 Output  300 W/m2
 Max temperature  +90 oC
 Connection cable  2x5m
 Min installation temperature  +5 oC
 Conductor insulation  Fluoropolymer (FEP)+(PEX)
 Overjacket  Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
 Min bending radius  8 diameters
 Protection class  IP67
 Width of mat  50 cm
 Warranty  20 years



Type  Width × Length (m)  Area (m2 Output (W)  Order No.
CFSAV-300  0,5×6 3 900  85517037
CFSAV-300  0,5×8 4 1200 85517038
CFSAV-300 0,5×12 1800 85517039
CFSAV-300  0,5×14 2100  85517040
CFSAV-300  0,5×18 2700  85517041
CFSAV-300  0,5×24 12 3600  85517044
CFSAV-300  0,5×28 14 4200  85517144
CFSAV-300  0,5×32 16 4800  85517147
CFSAV-300  0,5×36 18  5400  85517149
CFSAV-300 0,5×44 22 6600 85517151


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