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Comfort WiFi brings in new control parameters and manages heating systems operations of a living room, bedroom, kitchen, children’s room and etc., or several residential properties (apartment, house, countryside house) at once.

Innovative thermostat Comfort WiFi brings in new control parameters and manages heating systems operations of a livingroom, bedroom, kitchen, children’s room and etc., or several residential properties (apartment, house, countryside house) at once. The Comfort WiFi thermostat has floor sensor, energy-saving mode, seven-day programming function. Connecting to Wi-Fi (home router) a smartphone application enables you to access control of up to 32 heating systems, all connected into one local network. With your smartphone, you can control the user-friendly heating system from anywhere you are- from home or other side of the world. All what you need is a Wi-Fi network.
This is a convenient solution to a fast-pace lifestyle of modern people, who value comfort and manage their time. The applet allows a user to control every room in real time- to identify and control temperature of heated floor within the scale of + 5 °C to + 45 °C. The iComfortReg thermostat is suited for installation in a standard wall mounting box, and it fits into well-known switch frames.


Voltage 230 V
Max load  16 A / 3600 W
Temperature range +5 °C … +45 °C
Saved programming (ECU) 2 months
Max ambient temperature 28 °C
Pre-programmed in factory I-VII, every hour
Sensor type Floor and room
Sensor resistance NTC (12 kOhm)
Dimensions 83x83x48 mm
Protection class  IP21
Warranty  3 years


Type  Temperature range  Sensor Order No.  Model
iComfortReg +5 °C … +45 °C  floor, 3m 19115970 Elko


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