CTAE -160 | mirror heating mat

CTAE-160 is easily glued on the mirror backside and is ideal against mirror steaming in new or renovated bathrooms.

CTAE-160 is a twin conductor heating mat. It is easily secured to the back side of a mirror and is the ideal solution to mirror steam in a new or renewable house, apartments and hotel bathrooms.

Installation: It is installed by simply sticking an adhesive mat on the back of a mirror. Low-cost and easy installation. The heating can be switched on/off using a switch of a bathroom or mirror light.


 Voltage  230 V
 Output  80/160 W
 Thickness of mat  4,2 mm
 Max temperature  +80 oC
 Connection cable  3m
 Protection class  IP67
 Warranty  20 years


Type  Output (W)  Dimensions (m)  Area (m2)  Order No.
CTAE -160  80  0,47×1  0,5  96651820
CTAE -160  160  0,47×2  1,0  96651840

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