CTAV-10 | heating cable

CTAV-10 heating cable is used for installation of wooden floor heating and frost protection of water, sewerage and technological pipes in unheated premises and floor protection of cold stores.

CTAV-10 is a twin conductor heating cable of 10 W/m output, with aluminium tape and tinned cooper screen with memory. This thin cable with memory can be laid directly into concrete or directly into tile adhesive/ glue layer for installation of new or renewable floor. CTAV-10 is accustomed to pipe frost protection whereby the cable is installed on pipe, under thermal insulation layer, compatible within cold stores.

Installation: It can be laid directly on concrete or old tiles in a kitchen, hall, room or other premises under tile, as well as marble, granite, carpet, parquet, parquet boards and laminate flooring. CTAV-10 can be also used for heating installation under wood flooring and for pipe frost protection, installing the cable on the pipe under thermal insulation layer or under thermal insulation layer in cold stores.


 Voltage  230 V
 Output  10W/m
 Thickness of mat  4,6 mm
 Max temperature  +70 oC
Connection cable  3 m
 Min installation temperature  +5 oC
 Conductor insulation  Fluoropolymer (FEP)
 Overjacket  Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
 Min. bending radius  8 diameters
Protection class  IP67
 Warranty  10 years


Type  Voltage (V) Length (m)  Output (W) Order No.
CTAV-10 230 10 120 82244300
CTAV-10 230 20 250 82244305
CTAV-10 230 30 320 82244306
CTAV-10 230 40 400 82244310
CTAV-10 230 50 520 82244315
CTAV-10 230 60 600 82244320
CTAV-10 230 70 750 82244325
CTAV-10 230 90 950 82244330
CTAV-10 230 120 1100 82244335
CTAV-10 230 130 1300 82244340
CTAV-10 230 160 1700 82244345
CTAV-10 230 195 2000 82244350

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