Pipeheat-10 | self-limiting heating cable with plug

PipeHeat -10 is installed directly on the pipe fixing the cable on the pipe with adhesive aluminium tape or inserted into the pipe through the metal fitting if there is no possibility to fix it on the pipe.

PIPEHEAT-10 is a self-limiting heating cable with a plug, of 10 W/m output, it has thermoplastic/ fluorpolymer overjacket. It can be installed directly on surface of pipe whereby the cable is fixed alongside two layers of adhesive aluminium tape for covering or inserted into pipe through a metal fitting otherwise.

PipeHeat-10 is quick and straightforward to set up for connection: simply plug it into a socket, for example, when temperature drops below 3 °C, and plug it off when it is warm enough (air temperature above 3 °C), or you can set-up the cable together with a thermostat, saving your time and money. The wide range of PipeHeat-10 cables serves your choice for a proper length and power output that stops pipes from freezing.


 Voltage  230 V, +10/-15% 
 Type Self-limiting
 Dimensions 10,8×6,3 mm / 7,9×5,6 mm
Connection cable  1,5 m with plug
Max. operational temperature  +65 °C (cable switched on)
Max. ambient temperature  +85 °C (cable switched off)
Min. ambient temperature –30 °C
Overjacket  Thermoplastic / polyethylene
Min. bending radius  3–4 cm
Protection class IP67
 Warranty 2 years


Type Cabel length (m)  Output (W)  Order No.
PipeHeat-10  10  33761001
PipeHeat-10   2 20  33761002
PipeHeat-10  30  33761003
PipeHeat-10 40  33761004
PipeHeat-10  50  33761005
PipeHeat-10  60  33761006
PipeHeat-10  70  33761007
PipeHeat-10  80 33761008
PipeHeat-10  90  33761009
PipeHeat-10  10  100  33761010
PipeHeat-10  11 110  33761011
PipeHeat-10  12  120  33761012
PipeHeat-10  15  150  33761015
PipeHeat-10  17  170  33761017
PipeHeat-10  20  200  33761020
PipeHeat-10  22  220  33761030


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