ETI-1221 | termostat (+10 °C…+110 °C)

ETI-1221is designed for pipe tracing of high temperature industrial lines temperature and other heating systems control.

CT-FL | Capillary Thermostats (Ex) (0 ºC…+40 ºC, 20 ºC…+300 ºC)

The thermostats CT-FL/2C/A and CT-FL/2C/C are capillary thermostats comprising of a liquid filled sensing bulb connected to an electrical switch via a capillary tube.

ETN4-1999 | electronic thermostat with LCD screen (–19 °C…+70 °C)

ETN-1999 thermostat is designed to control temperature of room heating systems, pipe tracing, roof gutters and downpipes frost protection, soil frost protection and cold store floor frost protection.

ETV-1991 | thermostat (0 °C…+40 °C)

ETV-1991 thermostat is designed for heating system control, industrial pipe line tracing and pipe frost protection. The function of temperature setback (–5 °C) is activated with the help of additional relay.