Winter frosts are really danger for poorly or even uninsulated water pipes. Such pipes can not stand the low temperatures and can become frozen or even be damaged by ice.

How annoying is the fact when we have no water because of frozen pipes. But it can be the worse situation when frozen and ice-damaged pipes unfreeze and then we can not stop the water leaking from it. So it is very important to insulted water pipes well or bury in frost free depth.

Comfort Heat pipe heating system also can efficiently solve all other problems. The system ensures frost protection of pipe for fire sprinkler system and sanitary pipes that might become frozen or damaged by ice. The optimal result can be reached by minimum energy consumption. The installation and operating costs are low compared to the benefits and advantages of Comfort Heat pipe heating system.

ETN4-1999 | electronic thermostat with LCD screen (–19 °C…+70 °C)

ETN-1999 thermostat is designed to control temperature of room heating systems, pipe tracing, roof gutters and downpipes frost protection, soil frost protection and cold store floor frost protection.

ETV-1991 | thermostat (0 °C…+40 °C)

ETV-1991 thermostat is designed for heating system control, industrial pipe line tracing and pipe frost protection. The function of temperature setback (–5 °C) is activated with the help of additional relay.

Pipeheat-10 | self-limiting heating cable with plug

PipeHeat -10 is installed directly on the pipe fixing the cable on the pipe with adhesive aluminium tape or inserted into the pipe through the metal fitting if there is no possibility to fix it on the pipe.