Easy installation

Comfort Heat electric underfloor heating system is designed for DIY (Do It Yourself) easy installations in newly build, renovated or extended houses.


 Heating mat installation


1Measure the available area (m2) of floor excluding the floor area under the cupboards, bathtubs and lavatories. It is very important to choose a heatingmat with the right dimensions since the mat cannot be shortened. The size of heating mat always must be a little bit smaller than the available area (m2).
2Then a groove should be cut  (10x10mm) in the floor and in the wall where a plastic pipe for sensor protection will be placed. A larger diameter of the plastic pipe allows easier to place the sensor in it. The pipe has to be sealed at the end so the concrete does not enter it.
3Before laying the heating mat make sure that floor is clean (free of sharp objects) and dry. The floor can be primed if necessary.

4The heating mat should be started laying from the wall and directed towards the opposite wall. Here, the mat should be turned back by cutting the net of the heating mat (DO NOT cut the red cable!). This process has to be continued until the entire surface is covered by heating mat.
5While making a turn, release the heating cable from the mesh. This will allow you easily to lay the heating mat.
6When heating mat is installed you can glue the tiles in two ways. One way is to cover with one layer of flexible tile adhesive or self-levelling compound and to allow it to dry before tiling. Another way is to lay the adhesive and glue the tiles on top. Then let the floor dry for 2 weeks before turning on the heating.


 Aluminium foil installation


1Prepare the base for the installation of floor heating. Make sure that surface of sub-floor is clean and dry. Then lay down Steico underfloor boards.
2Measure the free space of floor excluding the floor under the furniture and choose the aluminium mat size. Before laying the aluminium mat make sure that surface is clean.
3The aluminium foil can be cut when it is necessary to turn the mat 900-1800. Keep in mind the cable cannot be cut.

4When the aluminium mat is turned, carry on laying until the the heated floor arrangement will be complete.
5Use the aluminium tapes to fix the aluminium mats. The foil has to be stuck on both sides ensuring the grounding of the mat. The aluminium mats should NOT OVERLAP, otherwise thay can overheat.
6After installation the laminate or timber board flooring can be laid. Do not use the timber flooring that has a metal clips.